On completing my studies at Funen art academi in Denmark in 2006 I did a one year pre- degree course at  NCN New College in Nottingham England.  I am working as printmaker and fine art artist in Denmark.
A major part of my work comprises portraits. For me the Portrait embodies a fantastic balance between the contemporary and the timeless. The singular individual's own tale in the stringent history of mankind. Also being a woman and women's struggle has had great impact on my work, which soon evolved into the Yoni. The Yoni is Woman, the female organ, the Mother.


As a Graphic artist I am fascinated by the use of ink as an art form, both on paper and on the body. Graphics and tattooing are ancient art forms that have changed over the centuries -yet the craft has hung on to its traditions. Graphics opened up the illustrated world to us all,  whereas tattoos were for salors and eccentiks initially they are now modern, varied, personal and certainly within everybody's reach since people disport themselves with selfies on the social media. "Thus they make fascinatiing viewing for the artist."